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AZ BJJ State Championships 06

The Arizona BJJ State Championships 2006 was held in
Mesa,AZ on June 3rd. The tournament had 160 competitors coming from Arizona, Nevada, California, Texas and
Mexico competed at the tournament. This event was sponsored by Orion Fight Gear, AZ Power and Sound, Chiropractic
USA, HCK Kimonos and Arizona Combat Sports.


Kids  1st place – Megaton (83 points)
2nd place – Ruffhouse (26 points)
3rd place – Pankration M.A. (18 points)

1st place – Gustavo Dantas/AZ Combat (87 points)
2nd place – Megaton (29 points)
3rd place – Laurita BJJ (19 points)



Check out the Team Nova
Uniao AZ results:


45 lbs/2nd place – Brandon Schude
50 lbs/2nd place – Orion Masseur
65 lbs/2nd place – Taylor Key
75 lbs/2nd place – Caleb Lundquist
75 lbs/3rd place – Savannah Genet
85 lbs/3rd place – Nick Palomares
85 lbs/3rd place – Andrew Lindner
120 lbs/3 rd place – Ashley Genet
 Juvenile  Feather/1st place – Ryan Heilman
Light/2nd place – Christian Diaz
Light/3rd place – Jameson White

Middle/2nd place – Roy Herst

Adult White

Feather/1st place – Pat Runez
Light/1st place – Jeff King
Light3 rd place – Brett Millea

Middle-Heavy/1st place – Jason King
Heavy/1st place – Ray Steinbeiss
Super Heavy/1st place (tied)- Ken Aiello and Derrick Kahle
Super Heavy/3rd place – Grant Smith
 Adult Blue  Light/1st place – Nate Speer
Heavy/2nd place – Rodney Hammonds
Heavy/3rd place – Joe Guillion
 Adult Purple Light/ 1st place – Steve Rosenberg 
Kids45 lbs1 st place – Hunter Sanelli (Megaton)
2 nd place – Brandon Schude (Gustavo Dantas/AZ Combat)
  50 lbs1 st place – Samuel Decker (I.S.M.A.)
2 nd place – Orion Masseur (Gustavo Dantas/AZ Combat)
  55 lbs1 st place – Tony Root (Megaton)
2 nd place – Hunter Barnes (I.S.M.A.)
3 rd place – David Vincent (Ruffhouse)
  60 lbs1 st place – Taber Spray (Megaton)
2 nd place – Taylor Key (Gustavo Dantas/AZ Combat)
3 rd place – Garret Freiwald (Megaton)
3 rd place – Chaz Marsicano (Laurita BJJ)
  70 lbs1 st place – Rilley Bell (Megaton)
2 nd place – Aaron Oviedo (Megaton)
75 lbs1 st place – Ian Villafuerte (Ruffhouse)
2 nd place – Caleb Lundquist (Gustavo Dantas/AZ Combat)
3 rd place – Savannah Genet (Gustavo Dantas/AZ Combat)
  85 lbs1 st place – Nicolas Harguindeguy (Megaton)
2 nd place – Adam Marmol (Laurita BJJ)
3 rd place – Nick Palomares (Gustavo Dantas/AZ Combat)
3rd place – Andrew Lindner (Gustavo Dantas/AZ Combat)
  90 lbs1 st place – Brenden Lorenz (Diamond Back Judo)
2 nd place – Andrew Norton (Megaton)
3 rd place – Collin Lopez (I.S.M.A.)
3 rd place – Cassidy Clark (Petushin M.A.)
3 rd place – Kenric Freiwald (Megaton)
  95 lbs (13 yrs old)1 st place – Mackenzie Dern (Megaton)
2 nd place – William Lorenz (Diamond Back Judo)
  95 lbs (14 yrs old)1 st place – Danny Root (Pankration M.A.)
2 nd place – Austin Convington (J-Sect Jiu-Jitsu)
  100 lbs1 st place – Michael Felton (Megaton)
2 nd place – Aaron Dromiack (Relson Gracie)
  120 lbs 1 st place – Tanner Spray (Megaton)
2 nd place – Casey Clark (Petushin M.A.)
3 rd place – Ashley Genet (Gustavo Dantas/AZ Combat)
  125 lbs 1 st place – Daniel Vincent (Ruffhouse)
2 nd place – Shaquille Cruz (Megaton)
3 rd place – Jake Kersting (Megaton)
  127 lbs1 st place – Diana Mot (Megaton)
2 nd place – Angela Tugaoen (Ruffhouse)
 130 lbs1 st place – Sebastian Quintana (Relson Gracie)
2 nd place – Richard Tugaoen (Ruffhouse)
3 rd place – Jake Gardner (Pankration M.A.)
3 rd place – Daniela Vincent (Ruffhouse)
 Juvenile Feather1 st place – Ryan Heiman (Gustavo Dantas/AZ Combat)
2 nd place – Taylor Convington (J-Sect Jiu-Jitsu)
  Light1 st place – Justin Hedges (I.S.M.A.)
2 nd place – Christian Diaz (Gustavo Dantas/AZ Combat)
3 rd place – Jameson White (Gustavo Dantas/AZ Combat)
  Middle1 st place – Jacob Fuqua (Megaton)
2 nd place – Daniel Hampton (Prescott BJJ)
3 rd place – Gerson Atoigue (Ruffhouse)
  MasterMiddle1 st place – Joe Solorio (The Ultima)
2 nd place – Roy Herst (Gustavo Dantas/AZ Combat)
3 rd place – Mark Van Gordon (Douglas M.A.)
  Heavy1 st place – Brian Weinbrandt (Laurita BJJ)
2 nd place – Antonio Benjamin (The Ultima)
3 rd place – Derek Lovell (Fabio Santos/Yuma)
  Adult WhiteFeather1 st place – Pat Runez (Gustavo Dantas/AZ Combat)
2 nd place – Ryan Fuqua (Megaton)
3 rd place – Roberto Carreon (Megaton)
  Light1 st place – Jeff King (Gustavo Dantas/AZ Combat)
2 nd place – Tom Raine(Ruffhouse)
3 rd place – Brett Millea (Gustavo Dantas/AZ Combat)
  Middle1 st place – Fabia Quintana (Relson Gracie)
2 nd place – Jose Ruiz (Douglas M.A.)
3 rd place – George Meyer (Fabio Santos/Yuma)
  Middle-Heavy1 st place – Jason King (Gustavo Dantas/AZ Combat)
2 nd place – Michael Massof (I.S.M.A.)
3 rd place – Mark Moore (The Ultima)
  Heavy1 st place – Ray Steinbeiss (Gustavo Dantas/AZ Combat)
2 nd place – Jeff Watson (Prescott BJJ)
3 rd place – George Quinn (Douglas M.A.)
  Super Heavy1 st place (tied)- Ken Aiello and Derrick Kahle (Gustavo Dantas/AZ Combat)
3 rd place – Grant Smith (Gustavo Dantas/AZ Combat “B”)
  Blue Feather1 st place – Gabe Gaston (Megaton)
2 nd place – Jake Gaston (Megaton)
3 rd place – Gabe Ortiz (Fabio Santos/Yuma)
  Light1 st place – Nate Speer (Gustavo Dantas/AZ Combat)
2 nd place – Stefan Solomon (Ruffhouse)
3 rd place – Joe Daley (Laurita BJJ)
  Heavy1 st place –Ed Sun (Ruffhouse)
2 nd place – Rodney Hammonds (Gustavo Dantas/AZ Combat)
3 rd place – Joe Guillion (Gustavo Dantas/AZ Combat)
  Super Heavy1 st place – Matthew Rich (Laurita BJJ)
2 nd place – Daniel Doerr (Fabio Santos/Yuma)
3 rd place – Garret Morgan (Fabio Santos/Yuma)
  Purple Light1 st place – Steve Rosenberg (Gustavo Dantas/AZ Combat)
2 nd place – Doug Moore (Relson Gracie)
  BrownMiddle1 st place – Jared Vanderzyl (Fabio Santos/Yuma)
2 nd place – Mike Graeber (Megaton)
Fastest Submission (Kids) – Tony Root (Pankration M.A.) – 10 seconds
Fastest Submission (Adults) – Michael Massof (I.S.M.A.) – 12 seconds
Most Technical – Brenden Lorenz (Diamond Back Judo)
White Belt Standout – Fabian Quintana (Relson Gracie)  
Blue Blet Standout – Nate Speer (Gustavo Dantas/ACS)
Purple Belt Standout – Steve Rosenberg (Gustavo Dantas/ACS)
Brown Belt Standout – Jared Vanderzyl (Fabio Santos/Yuma)

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