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2nd Arizona Open of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

The 2nd Arizona Open of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu was held in Mesa,Arizona on March 10th,2007. The Event was sponsored by Soyo Group Inc., Orion Fight Gear, Fight Ground Magazine, HCK Kimonos and AZ Power and Sound.


For the first time at the AZ Open, we held a Professional Black Belt Division for competitors under 173 lbs. Wilson Reis and Jared Weiner (Both from BJJ United) came all the way from Philadelphia to win the $1500 cash prize sponsored by soyo group,inc. Adam Ursiny (Megaton), took home the first place medal (master/middle/white) and a Soyo 42” LCD TV, which was raffled between the winners of all divisions.


The standouts of the tournament were: in the purple/feather weight division, David Boehme (Megaton), who defeated Bob Merriman (Gustavo Dantas BJJ) by points (9×6) in the best match of the day. Pat Runez (Gustavo Dantas BJJ) defeated Pedro Diaz (Gustavo Dantas BJJ) displaying great skills in all his matches of the blue/feather weight division. And Jon Breese (Gustavo Dantas BJJ), defeated Dan Matei (Megaton) to win the White/Middle weight Division.


Special Thanks to the Referees: Robson Moura, Megaton, and Chris Lopez.

Adult Team Results
1st place – Gustavo Dantas/AZCS (130 points)
2nd place – Megaton (53 points)
3rd place – BJJ Revolution (32 points)


Kids Team Results
1st place – Gustavo Dantas/AZCS (49 points)
2nd place – Megaton (31 points)
3rd place – BJJ Revolution (22 points)


1st Round:
Jared Weiner (BJJ United) defeated Destin Simmons (Megaton) by choke
Wilson Reis (BJJ United) defeated Paulo Guilliobel (Saulo Ribeiro) by points 4×0


Jared Weiner and Wilson Reis split the $1500 cash prize for the first place (both from BJJ United).


Fastest Submission (Adults) – David Blau (ISMA) – 00:22 Seconds
Fastest Submission (Kids) – Abel Flores (Gustavo Dantas BJJ) – 00:20 seconds


1st place – Enzley Brooks (BJJ Revolution)
2nd place – Nikolas Forkum (Megaton)


1st place – Abel Flores & Orion Masseur (Gustavo Dantas BJJ)
3rd place – Jacob Garcia (Gustavo Dantas BJJ)/ John Estrada (Megaton)


65lbs (7-8 yrs)
1st place – Jake Swift (Laurita BJJ)
2nd place – Dante Gaines (ISMA)
3rd place – Tony Root (Pankration M.A.)/Tristan Farrow (BJJ Revolution)


65lbs (10-11 yrs)
1st place – Chaz Marsicano (Laurita BJJ)
2nd place – Aubrey Pond (Pankration M.A.)
3rd place – Taylor Key (Gustavo Dantas BJJ)

70lbs (9 yrs)
1st place – Mark Carter (Megaton)
2nd place – Truman Wood (Gustavo Dantas BJJ)
3rd place – Cameron Richardson (BJJ Revolution)/Aaron Oviedo(Megaton)/Garret Freiwald (Megaton)/Dominic Perez (Ultima)


85 lbs (12-13 yrs)
1st place – Brandon McGinnis (Gustavo Dantas)
2nd place – Conrad Rodriguez (BJJ Revolution)
3rd place – Joseph Swift (Laurita BJJ)/Krystle Root (Pankration M.A.)/Diego Perez (Ultima)


90 lbs (10-11 yrs)
1st place – Ian Villafuerte (BJJ Revolution)
2nd place – Joseph Fletcher (Gustavo Dantas BJJ)
3rd place – Andrew Lindner (Gustavo Dantas BJJ)/John Bruer (Megaton)


95 lbs
1st place – Savannah Genet (Gustavo Dantas BJJ)&Chaz Fletcher (Gustavo Dantas BJJ)
3rd place – Fabien Perez (Ultima)

105 lbs (14 yrs)
1st place – Renne Rivera (Ultima)
2nd place – Mackenzie Dern (Megaton)
3rd place – Danny Root (Pankration M.A.)


105 lbs
1st place – Ryan Gahm (Gustavo Dantas BJJ)
2nd place – Kenric Freiwald (Megaton)
3rd place – Bryce White (Megaton)


110 lbs
1st place – Ashley Genet (Gustavo Dantas BJJ)
2nd place – Colin Zinn (ISMA)
3rd place – Michael Felton (Megaton)/Storm Dotson (Ultima)


115 lbs
1st place – Sean Godfrey (Megaton)
2nd place – Stone Billy (W.O.C. JJ)


1st place – Jameson White (Gustavo Dantas BJJ)
2nd place – Daniel Lasky (Megaton)


1st place – Samuel Stegg (BJJ Revolution)
2nd place – Jesse Billy (W.O.C. JJ)

1st place – Jamie Roe (W.O.C. J.J.)
2nd place – Daniela Vincent (BJJ Revolution)
3rd place – Mary Mudd (Megaton)


1st place – Steve Heilman (Gustavo Dantas BJJ)
2nd place – Rob Marchese (ISMA)
3rd place – John Petruit (Megaton)

1st place – Adam Ursiny (Megaton)
2nd place – Daniel Navy (Yuma BJJ)
3rd place – Eric Kaufman (Megaton)

1st place – David Blau (ISMA)
2nd place – Kevin Dee (Gustavo Dantas BJJ)
3rd place – Randy Horn (Laurita BJJ)


1st place – Samantha Roe (W.O.C. JJ)
2nd place – Donna Andress (Yuma JJ)


Super Feather
1st place – Tyler Stern (Pankration M.A.)
2nd place – Andrew Cole (Megaton)
3rd place – Carlos Partida (Gustavo Dantas BJJ)


1st place – Brett Millea (Gustavo Dantas BJJ)
2nd place –Andre Rivera (Megaton)
3rd place – David Velasquez (Gustavo Dantas BJJ)

1st place – Ross Cromartie (Gustavo Dantas BJJ)
2nd place – Angel Fuentes (Gustavo Dantas BJJ)
3rd place – Randy Steinke (Pankration M.A.)

1st place – Jon Breese (Gustavo Dantas BJJ)
2nd place – Dan Matei (Megaton)
3rd place – Jade Porter (Gustavo Dantas BJJ)

Middle Heavy
1st place – Jeff King (Gustavo Dantas BJJ)
2nd place – Brad Anderson (Gustavo Dantas BJJ)
3rd place – Robert Copeland (Megaton)

Super Heavy
1st place – Michael Daye (Laurita BJJ)
2nd place – Grant Smith (Gustavo Dantas BJJ)
3rd place – Randy Jackson (Laurita BJJ)


Super Feather
1st place – Ryan Heilman (Gustavo Dantas BJJ)
2nd place – Geoff Villareal (Yuma BJJ)

1st place – Pat Runez (Gustavo Dantas BJJ)
2nd place – Pedro Diaz (Gustavo Dantas BJJ)
3rd place – Justin Hedges (ISMA)

1st place – Santino Novelli (BJJ Revolution)
2nd place – Greg McLarty (Gustavo Dantas BJJ)
3rd place – Jay Inciong (BJJ Revolution)

1st place – Joe Solorio (Ultima)
2nd place – Mark Spray (Megaton)
3rd place – Michael Feeley (BJJ United)

Middle Heavy
1st place – Jason Madigan (Megaton)
2nd place – Wayne Hicks (Megaton)
3rd place – Justin Baehring (Brotherhood F.S.)

1st place – John McKeever (Gustavo Dantas BJJ)
2nd place – Carl Oviedo (Megaton)
3rd place – Mark Christian (Ultima)

Super Heavy
1st place – Steve Villa (BJJ Revolution)
2nd place – Ed Kogan (BJJ Revolution)
3rd place – Michael Simpson (Megaton)


1st place – David Boehme (Megaton)
2nd place – Bob Merriman (Gustavo Dantas BJJ)
3rd place – Jake Gaston (Megaton)


1st place – Steve Rosenberg (Gustavo Dantas BJJ)
2nd place – Stephen Solomon (BJJ Revolution)
3rd place – Joe Daley (Laurita BJJ)


1st place – Mike Martin (Laurita BJJ)
2nd place – Brandon Hopson (Megaton)
3rd place – Tony Bruno (Yuma BJJ)


Middle Heavy
1st place – Jon Wagner (Gustavo Dantas BJJ)
2nd place – Ed Sun (BJJ Revolution)


Super Heavy
1st place – Matt Rich (Laurita BJJ)
2nd place – Jon Wagner (Gustavo Dantas BJJ)



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  1. NOW THAT IS A TOURNAMENT…Congratulations to such a great showing!!

  2. hey g!
    when is our next tournament??

  3. June 23rd.

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