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AZ BJJ State Championships 07 Results


The Arizona Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu State Championship 2007 was held in Mesa,Arizona on June 23rd,2007. The Event had 270 competitors and it was sponsored by Soyo Group Inc., Orion Fight Gear, Fight Ground Magazine, Knockout Graphics, Custom T-shirt Warehouse, and Arizona State BJJ Federation.


The tournament had three Black Belt Super Fights:

Alberto Crane (New Mexico BJJ) defeated Jack McVicker (Megaton/IN) by one advantage.



Marcos Torregrosa (Cassio Werneck/CA) defeated Jared Vanderzyl (Yuma BJJ) by Armbar (9:55 sec)



Dustin Simmons (Megaton/AZ) defeated Peter Han (Wander Braga/CA) by referee decision (2×2 advantages).




Quinn Mulhen (New Mexico BJJ) took home the first place medal (Purple/middle) and a Soyo 37” LCD TV, which was raffled between the winners of all divisions.



The standouts of the tournament were: In the brown belt, Hocine Bourouba (Megaton) won the feather weight. In the purple belt, Brad Peterson (Megaton) took first in the heavy weight division and, took home the award of fastest submission (10 seconds). Paul Kelly (Gracie Barra A.V.) and Steve Heilman (Gustavo Dantas/AZCS) respectively won the Blue Belt/Light and White/Middle weight division. Even though both competitors belong to the senior division, they had great performances winning adult divisions.

Special Thanks to the Referees: Robson Moura, Megaton, Kazeka Muniz, Steve Rosenberg and Chris Lopez.


Pictures will be available soon at

 Adult Team Results

1st place – Gustavo Dantas/AZCS (94 points)

2nd place – Megaton (51 points)

3rd place – Relson Gracie (29 points)


Kids Team Results


1st place – Relson Gracie (36 points)

2nd place – New Mexico BJJ (31 points)

3rd place – BJJ Revolution (25 points)                            







40 lbs

1st place – Enzley Brooks (BJJ Revolution) 

2nd place –Noah Navarro (BJJ Revolution) 

 45 lbs

1st place – Dane McCall (AZCS)

2nd place – Hunter Richards (BJJ Revolution)

3rd place – Joshua Oviedo (Megaton)

 50 lbs

1st place – Kyle Simpson (Relson Gracie)

2nd place – Jacob Garcia (AZCS)

3rd place – John Estrada (Megaton)

 55 lbs

1st place – Tony Root (Pankration MA)

2nd place – Samuel Decker (ISMA)

3rd place – Michael Miller (AZCS)

 60 lbs

1st place – Jacob Swift (Team Milhoan)

2nd place – Tyler Rushworth (Cobra Kai)

3rd place – Dante Gaines (ISMA)

 65 lbs

1st place – Clayton Carpenter (AZCS)

2nd place – Marce Festa (ISMA)

3rd place – Benjamin Conrad (Relson Gracie)

 65 lbs

1st place – Dione Johnson (Cobra Kai)

2nd place – Taylor Key (AZCS)

3rd place – Rylie Mollory (The Lab)

 78 lbs

1st place – Dylan Nohl (NM BJJ)

2nd place – Peter Godfrey (Relson Gracie)

3rd place – Aaron Oviedo (Megaton)

 83 lbs

1st place – Brandon Lorenz (Solis)

2nd place – Santana Pesquera (The Lab)

3rd place – Adrian Montoya (NM BJJ)

  90 lbs

1st place – Casey Brady (Relson Gracie)

2nd place – Diego Perez (Ultima)

3rd place – Michael Woszuyk (Relson Gracie)

 95 lbs

1st place – Ian Villafuerte (BJJ Revolution)

2nd place – Augustin Dehait (Relson Gracie)

3rd place – Dorion Rios (De Brazil)

 100 lbs

1st place – Jordan Decker (ISMA)

2nd place – Rocky Cahill (Laurita)

3rd place – Kevin Rudolph (AFAF)

3rd place – Jordan Feguis (Relson Gracie)   

105 lbs

1st place – Alexiz Rodriguez (NM BJJ)

2nd place – Jacob Etchings (Team Mica)

3rd place – Jarren Barlow (Relson Gracie)

3rd place –Jeremy Hochuli (AZCS)

  110 lbs Adv.

1st place – William Lorenz (Solis)

2nd place – Mackenzie Dern (Megaton)

 110 lbs

1st place – Renee Rivera (Ultima)

2nd place – Mario Domenech (Cobra Kai)

 115 lbs

1st place – Colin Zinn (ISMA)

2nd place – Storm Dotson (Ultima)

3rd place – Brendon Kanaswood (W.O.C)

 120 lbs

1st place – Christin Posvistak (Ultima)

2nd place – Ryan Gahm (AZCS)

3rd place – Bryan Gatti (The Lab)

 125 lbs

1st place – Jess Martinez (NM BJJ)

2nd place – Adrian Nez (Team Mica)

 140 lbs

1st place – Michael Liera (Gracie Barra Pitbull)

2nd place – Jess Martinez (NM BJJ)

3rd place – Isaac Deoderlein (Petushin M.A.)

3rd place –Daniel Vincent (BJJ Revolution)

   160 lbs

1st place – Jordan Moore (Relson Gracie)

2nd place – Alexandra Abeyta (AZCS) 

  160 lbs Adv.

1st place – Richard Tugaden (Genesis)

2nd place – Gregory Hernandez (De Brazil

 Female White/Juvenile 

1st – Daniela Vincent (BJJ Revolution)

2nd – Erica Inzunza (NAK M.A.)

 White/Juvenile  Light

1st place – Justin Cuevas (ECS)

2nd place – Darrel Robins (Relson Gracie)

3rd place – Weston Fath (Relson Gracie)


1st place – Tom Howard (Laurita)

2nd place – Chris Spykes (Magaton)

3rd place – Jeremiah Greeson (W.O.C.)


1st place – Austen Anderson (Relson Gracie)

2nd place – Jordan Huston (Megaton)


134 lbs

1st place – Jerry Shapiro (Cobra Kai)

2nd place – John Allen (ECS)

3rd place – Luis Pacheco (Megaton)

 147 lbs

1st place – Javier Hernandez (Relson Gracie)

2nd place – Ryan Sundra (Pankration M.A.)

3rd place – Randy Steinke (Pankration M.A.)

 160 lbs

1st place – Zach Wain (BJJ Revolution)

2nd place – Jade Porter (BJJ Revolution)

3rd place – Ryan Bastinelli (BJJ Revolution)

    173 lbs

1st place – Steve Heilman (AZCS)

2nd place – Abram Timmer (Pankration M.A)

3rd place – Robert Copeland (Megaton)

 187 lbs

1st place – Brian Barret (De Brazil)

2nd place – Kyle Quimiro (Cobra Kai)

3rd place – Todd McMillon (Relson Gracie)

 202 lbs

1st place – Randy Jackson (Laurita)

2nd place – Levi Jones (BJJ Revolution)

 203 and over

1st place – David Margraf (Cobra Kai)

2nd place – Erik Valkenburgh (Prescott BJJ)

3rd place – Joshua Castilleja (Independent)


Adult 147 lbs

1st place – Ryan Heilman (AZCS)

1st place – Brett Millea (AZCS)

3rd place – Pat Runez (AZCS)

 160 lbs

1st place – Paul Kelly (Gracie Barra A.V.)

2nd place – Jeff King (AZCS)

3rd place – Andrew Brackin (Megaton)

 173 lbs

1st place – Jamie Varner (AZCS)

2nd place – Joe Solorio (Ultima)

3rd place – Ryan Shover (AZCS)

 187 lbs

1st place – David Reed (Fabio Santos)

2nd place – Luke Hodges (AZCS)

3rd place – Mark Moore (Ultima)

 202 lbs

1st place – Jesse Forbes (AZCS)

1st place – John Mckeever (AZCS)

3rd place – Brendan Barlow (Relson Gracie)

 202 and over

1st place – Ken Aiello (AZCS)

2nd place – Scott Lissy (The Lab)

3rd place – Michael Simpson (Megaton)

   Purple/Adult 147 lbs

1st place – Ulysses Gomez (Cobra Kai)

2nd place – Doug Moore (Relson Gracie)

3rd place – David Boehme (Megaton)


1st place – Quinn Mulhen (NM BJJ)

2nd place – Bryan Holland (Laurita)

3rd place – Eddy Lopez (Megaton)

 187 lbs

1st place – Jon Wagner (AZCS)

2nd place – Mike Martin (Laurita)

 202 lbs

1st place – Brad Peterson (Megaton)

2nd place – Nabeel Ebrahim (Relson Gracie)

3rd place – Eric Kee (W.O.C)

 203 and over

1st place – Jacob McClintock (AZCS)

2nd place – Matthew Rich (Laurita)


147 lbs

1st place – Hocin Bourouba (Megaton)

2nd place – Rudy Fischman (Wander Braga)

 173 lbs

1st place – Brian Mitchell (AZCS)

2nd place – Denian Francois (Megaton)

 White/Master Light

1st place – Andrew Kirk (Megaton)

2nd place – Tyler Reed (Bushido) 


1st place – Ben Black (AZCS)

2nd place – Aaron Atkinson (Megaton)

3rd place – Norm Twyford (Laurita)

 White/Female Light

1st place – Monica Adams (Bushido House)

2nd place – Maria Rios (NM BJJ)


1st place – Samantha Roe (W.O.C.)

1st place – Cassandra Roe (W.O.C.)


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